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If you have a photo of your fish and would like them displayed on our Gallery then please just send an email with your picture attached to and we will add it to these fine specimens. Please ensure your photos are of decent quality, as those displayed below, and a few words about size, tactics and venue would be great.

Some of the photos are clickable links that will show the anglers full Gallery.


 Alex Foster

Jason Kirby Pete Leverton

Lee Pickersgill Spencer Abell

Steven Moore Michael Mottram

 Paula Goldie Matt Stanbury

 Roy Parkes Paul Abbott

 Lee Bale Jamie Fergusson

Ryan Hayton Alan Hill

Dean Turner mf001

Dave Triffitt Razvan Cirlogea

 Phil Hutson Tudor Jones

Richard Gamble Jason Smith

Marie Kent  Alex Sikorski

Ian Watson  Bill Towart

 Guy Thorne1  Philip Aitken

 Malcolm Morley  Malcolm Shooter

Daniel Bentley  Barry Smithson

Shawn Hamilton  Mark Stone

Philip Aspray  Tom Kent

Ben Jones  Terry Newton

John Essex  Niall Thompson

Peter Felstead  Nathan West

Derek Cramp  Gavin Hill

  Cliff Greaves Matthew Hunt

Paul Heath  Michael Kilbourne

Ricky Bryan  Ian Chamberlain

Marcus Farmery  Mariusz Kosakowski

       Mick Gray David Caunt       

  Marcus Barrowcliff  Chris Watson

 Terry Branston  John Caunt   

Steve Gavercole   Ken Barrow

 Andrea Chapman   Craig Williams