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Broome A.S. Rules

 2020-21 Season


The Society rules are to be adhered to at all times, they are for the benefit of all members. Please make sure that you are familiar with them before you start fishing.


1. No member may serve on the Broome Society Committee if he or she are Committee Members of any other Angling Society or Club.

2. Membership lapses on 8th June each year, but subscriptions are due not later than 1st June each year.

3. Membership shall be open to people regardless of colour, creed, religion, sex or disability and no member shall be discriminated against because of these factors.

4. Members may apply to Members of the committee for permission to take a guest. Permission must be obtained in writing. One ticket only per occasion will be issued and no member can apply for more than two tickets per season. Seven day guest tickets are available at £10  or single day tickets at £5 all classes, throughout the year.

5. Except on Amalgamated Waters, a members spouse may fish on his or her spouses Membership Book, provided he or she is accompanied by his or her spouse. No junior shall fish free of charge. Junior members are not allowed to fish between the times of 9pm and 5am unless each junior is accompanied by an adult, except in the case of juniors with their own parent.

6. A Junior Member is a member who has not attained the age of 17 at the 1st June in any year and is still in full time education.

7. Any member on production of this own permit may ask anyone else fishing for proof of membership.

8. No litter must be left behind. It must be taken home and disposed of properly; in particular, line is dangerous and is on no account to be discarded on the waters. Failure to observe this rule will result in automatic expulsion from the Society. Every member is responsible for the litter in their swim whether left by them or not.

9. In each season between 1st March and 28th February, at the discretion of the Committee, a trophy will be awarded for the heaviest fish of each species caught by a member on rod and line in Society waters. Each entry must be weighed and witnessed by two other persons and details sent to the Secretary. Please return such fish alive to the water.

10. The Society accepts no responsibility, nor do the owners for accident or loss to any members' property or person or that of their guest.

11. Any member or guest interfering with owners' plant or property will be expelled from the Society.

12. A special General Meeting may be convened if 10% of members apply in writing to the Secretary and state the business that they wish to discuss at such a meeting. Notice of any resolution to be moved at an Annual General Meeting unless recommended by the Committee shall be submitted in writing to the Hon. Secretary by 14th March in each year and signed by the Proposer and Seconded. Any such resolution unless withdrawn, shall be included in the notice of Annual General Meeting.

13. The playing of transistor radios, etc. is prohibited.

14. Dogs may be brought to the water, subject to the wishes of individual land owners provided that they are kept on a leash at all times and kept under strict control.

15. The lighting of fires is prohibited as is the digging out of banks.

16. All Pike 5lb and over and all other fish except Zander must be returned to the Society waters alive.

17. Unattended rods must be out of the water and not baited.

18. Surplus bait must not be left on the bank when you cease fishing.

19. Keep nets must be of size and design strictly in accordance with the regulations laid down by the Environment Agency. All members must treat fish with utmost care and release them at the first sign of distress. Carp friendly type nets only, to be used on Colver Lake. Silver fish must be kept in a separate keepnet.
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