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js05On the right is a Perch caught in Currans Loop on May 23rd weighing 1lb 14oz. and below are two pictures of a 7lb 15oz Grass Carp caught from Lizzies lake on a size 20 hook and 2lb line using my Pole whilst having a day going for Silvers


 js07 js06



I had a great day on smiggies last week, after posting some pictures of some big tench, bream and crucians a few weeks ago with my son Reece. I thought I'd give it a second go last week, had a great day with a mixed net weighing in at 42lb 6oz.


Most fish caught on the long pole with a mixture of baits. Part of the weight was made up of six tench between 3lb 10oz to 5lb 4ozs, also lost four!!



The Bream (top photo) was 3lb 5oz and caught by Jason, tight to the island on Smiggies with a open end feeder with 6mm cubed luncheon meat on the hook.


The Crucian Carp was 2lb 1oz and caught by Jason, again on Smiggies, in the margins fishing 1 foot deep with double dead maggot on the waggler.