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Away Day at Peatling Lake "A"

Eleven members booked in for an pre Christmas Away Day match at Peatling Pools. Lake "A" was the chosen venue. It seems as if the fish are shoaling up with three of the four prizes going to three consecutive pegs.

Paul Cooke finishing well in front on peg 4 with 62lb 6oz. Over on the next peg Mark Akiens weighed in with 38lb 8oz to take the runner-up spot from peg 6.

Next peg along, peg 8, provided the Section 1 winner with Den Porter netting 34lb 12oz. Phil Dayman taking Section 2 from peg 35 with 36lb 7oz.

Away Day at Peatling Lake "D"

There were fifteen members on Peatling Pools lake "D" for the latest Away day match. And boy...what a struggle!!! This is a prolific fishery that usually produces good weights well into the worse that winter can throw at you. For some reason, though, after the first couple of hours the lake almost completely shut down.

 It was still pretty close at the end with only a few ounces between first and second. Phil Sansby just taking the spoils with 29lb 14oz from peg 2. Over on peg 10, the worst Peg on the venue (according to angling guru Cookie ) all of the feeding fish seemed to be over next to the island with Paul Cooke plundering them on the method feeder, when no one else could get a bite!! But even they dried up eventually Cookie coming in second with 29lb 15oz.

It was pretty obvious that Simon Blackwell must have been catching as there were no complaints from anglers on the other lakes to keep the noise down . Simon next peg to Phil took third place with 24lb 15oz.

 Gavin Norton needed just 13lb 12oz to take Section 1 from peg 6. Section 2 going to Chris Crane with 17lb 13oz and Den (never on a bad peg) Porter took section 3 with 22lb 3oz from peg 29 .


Away Day at Peatling Plough & Harrow Lakes

Thirteen Members fished the latest Away Day match. It was held on the popular Peatling Fisheries, and our match was held on both plough and Harrow lakes.

Harrow lake fished much the better of the two with Pete Heane winning the day with 49lb 11oz from peg 26 on Plough. Steve Kinch running him close, on peg 9 Plough, with 47lb 15oz. In a close competition Den Porter was also not far behind. Den netting 46lb 5oz for third place on peg 17, also on Plough.

Mark Akiens was the only prize winner on Harrow lake, his 19lb 3oz from peg 7 giving him a section win. Section 2 was won by Vinnie Logie with 30lb 9oz from peg 22 on Plough.

Away Day at Peatling Lake "A"

There were twelve members at Peatling Pools Lake "A" to fish an Away Day match. the weather was pretty good for the time of year with a strong breeze blowing toward one edge of the lake, the odd shower and some bright sunshine in between.

It was a pretty slowish start and although everyone caught fish it was a little disappointing for what can be a prolific water on its day. Paul Edwards was top rod on the day with 66lb 3oz on peg 39. Most of Paul's fish coming from the middle to the end of the match with the inside margins providing some good fish.

Den Porter fished a similar sort of match to Paul, with, again, the Pole fished margins providing good sport. which was pretty surprising considering how clear the lake was. Den took the runner up spot with 54lb 14oz from peg 35.

Keith Macfarlane took Section 1 with 50lb 10oz from peg 14. Section 2 going to Chris Crane with 50lb 8oz from peg 32. 

Reserving of Swims

I have been asked Broome Water Officer Terry Branston to pass on this message

Our lakes are for the benefit of all members whatever your intended species. We have been notified that some members have been turned away at Frolesworth as they have been told that it’s a Carp syndicate water. IT IS NOT. None of our lakes are, and secondly no one is allowed to reserve a peg unless it’s a scheduled match that’s set down in your membership book. So feel free to fish any swim that suits your style of fishing.  


For The Committee. 


Away Day at Jansons Fishery

Eleven members travelled to Nottinghamshire to fish an Away Day match at Jansons Fishery, on the newly opened Aubrey's Lake. There were a lot of bites to be had, with most getting good nets of fish.

Chris Crane was top rod on the day weighing in with 70lb 8oz from peg 9. It was very close at the top with just 8oz separating the top two. Simon Blackwell just missing out with 70lb from peg 20 earning him the runner-up spot.

Gavin Norton took Section 1 with 65lb 13oz from peg 6. Section 2 going to Den Porter, on peg 16, netting 63lb 2oz.

Away Day at Peatling

Thirteen members fished an Away Day match at Peatling lakes on Canal and Crane Lakes. On a pretty miserable day where the rain just never seemed to stop Phil Dayman did well to net 84lb 13 oz to take first place from peg 8 on Crane. Canal lake provided the runner-up with Paul Edwards continuing his good run of form netting 70lb 13oz from peg 28. Gavin Norton, also on Canal, was just a few ounce behind with 70lb 7oz for third place on peg 18.

Section 1 went to Keith Macfarlane with 68lb 11oz from peg 4 on Crane. Malc Spring taking Section 2 with 58lb 3oz from peg 24 on Canal. 

Fishing Rod Lost 

A fishing rod has been lost at Kilworth Sticks over the weekend. Many of you will know George, who regularly fishes at Kilworth, was fishing on Currans Loop and inadvertently left his rod there when he packed up for the day. If you have found the rod or find it please, either, return it to George or get in touch with any committee member and we will arrange to get George his rod back . Committee members contact details are in your membership book.


Chairman's League Reminder 

Match secretary, Keith Macfarlane has asked me to remind Members that have booked in to fish the Chairman's League must let him know if they can not attend any of the Matches. We have 21 booked in to fish the series, on Sunday only 13 turned up to fish. Keith had been told by 5 of the anglers that they would not be fishing, but was expecting the other three to turn up.

As you can imagine this causes havoc with the pegging. Three extra swims were pegged for the three who were booked in but didn't turn up. If for any reason you cannot attend any of the matches please contact Keith before the match so that he knows how many swims to peg.

 Please remember that to qualify for the final ALL £5.00 entry fee's must be paid whether you fish or not.



Upcoming Society Events 

Match secretary, Keith Macfarlane has asked me to remind Members that the annual Fur & Feather Match will take place on Sunday 30th September on Colver Lake. The draw for pegs will be in the main Frisby Car Park at 8.30am. If you would like to take part you must book in with Keith as soon as possible so that prizes can be purchased. Anyone who takes part will get a prize.

Furthermore, The Chairman's League is due to start on 7th October 2018 with the first round being fished at Kilworth Sticks on Currans and Lambies. If you would like to take part in this League then you must also book your place, with Keith, in advance. Again he would like to know as soon as possible. (Keith's telephone number is in your membership book). 

Kilworth Toilets

Members, please note that the Toilet Block at Kilworth Sticks will be closed from October 1st for the winter. They will re-open in the Spring, around the end of March. The water will be turned off and drained in order to prevent the frost damage that we have previously encountered.

Crayfish Traps.....Again!!!

Despite numerous requests, warnings etc we are still having problems with crayfish traps being tampered with. This time two traps were pulled in and emptied at Lizzies Lake, Kilworth.

As these requests and warning are clearly being ignored we are arranging for one of the CCTV Camera's to be directed toward Lizzies Lake. If the person/people are identified they will expelled from the club and banned from re-joining.

Wednesday Evening "Knock-Up"

As the Wednesday Evening League has now been completed, nine of the members fished a Knock-up match  last Wednesday Evening. And boy....did it fish well!! Jason Farmery drew on peg 35 and had a magnificent three and a half hour weight of 116lb 4oz....Well done Jay!!. The back-up weights were pretty impressive as well with Paul Edwards coming in second with 75lb 8oz.


Just 1oz behind was Chris Crane, who took Section 1 with 75lb 7oz from peg 27. Section 2 going to Keith Macfarlane who netted 64lb 14oz from peg 41.

Crayfish Traps

I have received this message from one of our Water Officers, Terry Branston, regarding the ever troublesome subject of Crayfish Traps


 It seems as though someone is constantly interfering with the Crayfish Traps. Today (25th July)I found three traps on Smigges that had been pulled in and emptied back into the Lake.


  We have been told that a new member is against all killings of Cormorants, Mink, or Crayfish. No one at the club likes to harm any animals/birds etc. but they do need to be kept under control. It is, in fact, against the Law to return non native Crayfish to any water coarse!!


These are disposed of humanely for Pest Control Reasons, and the club carry all relevant licenses. 


  I have to register the amount of crayfish caught each time I renew the clubs licences, and report the numbers back to the Environment Agency.

This problem has been discussed by the Committee and anyone caught interfering with, emptying, or moving Crayfish traps faces being expelled from the club.

Terry Branston (Broome A.S. Water Officer)



Charnwood Teach-in Day's

I have been informed that the Charnwood teach-in days have been cancelled due to Charnwood not having supplied any names etc of any youngsters who wish to take part. Therefore Colver will remain open to all members as normal on both 27th July and 3rd August



Crayfish at Smiggies Lake

We have had reports that some anglers catching Crayfish on Smiggies lake have been returning them to the water thinking that they are native White Claw Crayfish. We can only assume that these are new members who are unaware that the Crayfish in Smiggies are in fact Turkish Crayfish and are an invasive species.


It is against the law to return them to the water and they must be disposed of. Returning these, or the American Signal Crayfish which inhabit Lizzies lake, or transferring them to another lake carries a £1000 fine per incident from the E.A.


The E.A. issues licences for the capture and disposal of Crayfish using Crayfish traps and our water officer Terry Branston holds twelve licences from the E.A. for use on our waters.

Evening League Rescheduled

Due to England's progress in the World Cup the Evening League Match that was scheduled to take place on Wednesday 11th July will now be fished on Thursday 12th July. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Any complaints should be sent to Mr G.Southgate C/O The F.A. Lancaster Gate, London. .



Frisby Work Party

The work party last Sunday (10/6/18) was the final one for the season and we were back at Frisby Complex. Once again our thanks go out to all those who have managed to spare a little of their time throughout the work party season . It is surprising just how much has been done.




There was, of course the usual match for all those who were interested, and it was Colver that was the venue. With fifteen taking part it was almost like a Sunday League Match .


Paul Cooke took the honours with the top weight of the day, weighing in with 80lb 7oz from peg 4. Second place going to Steve Kinch who took 58lb 15oz to the scales from peg 26. Malc Spring completing the frame places with 43lb 12oz from peg 16 or third place.


Section 1 went to Pete Heane who netted 35lb 14oz from peg 14. Geoff Harper winning Section 2 from peg 30 with 40lb 4oz, and Keith Macfarlane completing the prize winners with a Section 3 win from peg 37 with 40lb 15oz.


Night Fishing at Hill Farm, Frolesworth

Just to clarify, we have been asked by some members whether night fishing is allowed at Hill Farm, Frolesworth. The answer is yes it is allowed but no one may enter or leave the venue between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

So if you wish to night fish the venue you must arrive before 10pm and can not leave before 6am. This is so that the farmer is not disturbed by vehicles driving past the farm house.


Kilworth Work Party

The work party last Sunday (3/6/18) went back to the Kilworth Sticks Complex. There was more work on overhanging branches on all of the lakes. The big tree that had fallen into Lizzies lake was cleared onto the island, a mega task!! We would like to have cleared more of the overhanging trees on Currans but because of lack of volunteers, it was not possible. Once again many thanks go out to all those who gave up a few hours of their Sunday to help out. Those that did turn out, really did get "stuck in" and it was amazing that so much was done it really is appreciated and a big thank you goes out from all of the members for your hard work .


The work party Match was held on Currans with ten of the volunteers taking part. With the hot sun beating down there were a lot of Carp cruising on the surface, some real "torpedo's" at that!! Gavin Norton continued with his fine run of form with another win, but it was very close between the top three. Gavin, on peg 9, caught nearly all his fish in the first couple of hours and took 37lb 7oz to the scales to claim the top prize. Very close behind, though, was Mark Akiens next to Gavin on peg 5. Mark ended just 6oz behind with 37lb 1oz, a lot of foul hooked and lost Carp would have cost him the win. Just another 9oz behind Mark was Paul Cooke, who took Section 1 with 36lb 8oz from peg 15. Keith Macfarlane completing the prize winners from peg 22 with 28lb 5oz to win Section 2.


 New Members Please Read

The Committee are asking all new members to read the Club Rules BEFORE fishing. We have already had incidents of rules being broken at our waters, parking on the road near to Jurassic and Sanctuary, Someone with three rods out whilst fishing the whip!! and someone using boilies on BJ's (only allowed on Jurassic). These were all new members stating that they were not aware of the rule. All of the club rules are in your membership book. To avoid falling foul of our Bailiffs,




 2018/19 Membership Books


Malcolm Shooter has asked me to send out the following message regarding this seasons Membership Books


Membership books for the 2018/19 season were posted on Tuesday 29th May to both current members and new members whose applications were received through the post by Tuesday 29th May. So everyone who sent their applications in good time should have their new books before the start of the new season.


     All further applications received this week should be sent out by Saturday 2nd June.    


Current members can fish on their 2017/18 book till the locks change on 8th June 2018.     


    Enjoy your fishing    

    Malcolm Shooter (Membership Secretary) 


Frisby Work Party

The work party last Sunday (27/5/18) was back at Frisby Complex. Once again many thanks go out to all those who gave up a few hours of their Sunday to help out. It really is appreciated and it would be pretty tough without your help .


There was a match on Jasons Lake for all those, interested, that helped out on the day. A great day it was too, specially for Steve Kinch who topped the ton with 115lb 10oz from peg 19 to go home with the top prize. There were, also, some good back-up weights with Gavin Norton taking the runner-up spot from peg 14 with 46lb 14oz. River Soar Winter league expert, Simon Pepper, took 40lb 15oz from peg 6 to claim last in the frame third place.


With twelve members taking part, Phil Sansby won Section 1 weighing in 13lb 5oz from peg 2. Section 2 going to Paul Edwards netting 35lb 8oz from peg 17.


Kilworth Work Party

The work party last Sunday (20/5/18) at Kilworth was very productive. sadly there were not as many helpers as we would have hoped but those who made the effort really did get stuck in!! There were plenty of the trees overhanging Currans (on the island) cut back to open up the early numbered swims. Pegs were cleared on Currans, Lambies and Buffalo. If you go up to Kilworth you will see what a good job has been done. Many thanks to all those who turned up to help .


There was a match on Lizzies after the work was completed and ten of the volunteers joined in the fun!! . Geoff Harper won the day with a fine weight of 62lb 5oz from peg 5. Geoff fished a small method feeder up to the Island to net 10 or 11 Carp, using pellet on the hook. Second place went to Malc Spring, who was keeping up a battle with Geoff throughout the day. Malc ended up just one decent fish short, but had a great days fishing on peg 2, netting 56lb 8oz.


Gav Norton took Section 1 with 24lb 9oz from peg 14. With Keith Macfarlane taking Section 2 from peg 25 with 50lb 8oz.


Illegal Pike Gag

Terry Branston has asked me to post this message on the website:-


Found today by me on Jurassic. This instrument is banned by the E. A. as its classed as being Illegal.


 Pike Gag


If your caught by the E. A. Officer using this, they will prosecute you. If caught by one of our Bailiff's you will face being expelled from Broome A.S. So please be aware.


Terry Branston (Water Officer)


Broome "AGM Knock-up"

As has become a bit of a tradition there was a "knock-up" on Colver after the completion of this years AGM. There were ten starters and it was Steve Roberts who came out on top with 46lb 7oz from peg 27. It was quite close between first and second as Geoff Harper, on peg 21, took the runner-up spot just 4lb or so behind Steve with 42lb 7oz.

Keith Macfarlane took Section 1 with 23lb 12oz from peg 3. With Section 2 going to Den Porter on peg 13 with 15lb 1oz.


Broome Committee Changes

Thanks to all those that turned up to the AGM this year. There are some committee changes to make you aware of.

Paul Edwards has taken over from Paul Cooke as Assistant Match Secretary with immediate effect due to Paul Cooke's other commitments. Thanks to Cookie for his help at the Matches over the past few years.

Ian Watson has had to give up the position of Minute Secretary due to work commitments, again we thank Ian for his valuable help taking the minutes at the meetings.

This means, of course, that we are now looking for Ian's replacement!

The Minute Secretary's job involves taking the minutes at the twelve, monthly, committee meetings (the first Tuesday of each month at Birstall Social Club), at the November Half Yearly Meeting and the April AGM. And then presenting them for reading at the next meeting.

If you would like do this important job and join the committee you will be able to have your say in the day to day running of the club.

If you are interested and would like any further information regarding this position then please contact Alan Smith otherwise, you will find Alan's telephone number in your Membership Book.


Away day at Peatling Lake B

Last Sundays Away Day took eleven members to Peatling Fisheries once again and It was Lake B that provided some great sport in the warmer weather. It was a pretty close competition with Gavin Norton coming out on top for the second week in succession. Gavin weighed in with 113lb 8oz from lucky peg 13. Den Porter was not to far behind on peg 20 with 106lb 8oz.

Section 1 was another ton weight, Keith Macfarlane netting 104lb 13oz from peg 6. Paul Cooke taking Section 2 from peg 16 with 89lb 3oz.


Fly Tipping at Kilworth Sticks

 We are having to report that there has been an incidence of "Fly Tipping" at Kilworth Sticks. Rubbish has been left on the carpark at the rear of Currans Loop. As you can imagine the land owner is not at all happy.

It is highly likely that this has been done by a Broome Member as whoever has done this must have come through our gate.

We do not want to loose the lease at this fishery because of one persons selfish stupidity.

If you saw this happening or if you know who the culprit is please inform one of the committee, all phone numbers are in your membership book.

If you visit the  fishery please help us by keeping an eye out for any suspicious behaviour.

As there are numerous CCTV camera's at this venue we are hopeful that we will be able to identify the culprit.


Away Day at Peatling "Lake A"

 There were twelve members at the latest "Away Day" match, fished at Peatling Fisheries "Lake A" or Boat Lake as it is also known. It was a chilly still day and the lake was surprisingly clear after reports of 100lb+ catches from a midweek match. For such a normally prolific water it was, apart from the top two, very tough going.

After a slowish start Mark Akiens on peg 32 started catching some of the F1's that were seen swimming about in his peg before the start!!. It wasn't long before the odd Carp also decided to join in the fun and with a weight of 88lb 6oz to take to the scales, Mark was well in front of the field.

Paul Edwards was also catching well, fishing toward the sunken island on next peg 35. Paul was getting mostly F1's and the odd Skimmer but they came pretty quickly.  But for five decent Carp hooked and lost in the margins toward the end of the match Paul could well have challenged Mark for top spot. 53lb 4oz, though was easily enough for second place.

Completing the trio on the 30's bank, Kev Hirons took Section 1 with 31lb 5oz from peg 37. Section 2 going to Den Porter with 24lb from peg 10.



Away Day at Peatling "Lake C"

 Fourteen members fished an Away Day Match arranged for Peatling Fisheries "Lake C". It was a fine spring day and it felt good to feel a bit of warm sun after the recent bitter cold weather.

Geoff Harper took the honours on the day, drawn on the fancied peg 12 Geoff made no mistake and was catching from the off. Fishing the feeder over toward the island trees he catching F1Carp at virtually one a chuck! Added to a bonus Mirror at around 8lb or so and a few barbel on the Pole Geoff put 76lb on the scales to gain the win.

The runner-up spot went to next peg, 10, Steve Beckhurst. Steve elected for a more Pole based approach and after a slowish first couple of hours on the Long Pole in the deeper water a switch to a line closer in proved to be a good move. A run of good sized Barbel came in the next couple of hours to give him a weight of 52lb 4oz and second place. Malc Spring made a welcome return after a recent illness and celebrated with 42lb 10oz from peg 18 to take third place .

Paul Cooke took Section 1 with 45lb 3oz from peg 7, with Section 2 going to Jason Farmery on peg 13 with 42lb.


Kilworth Sticks Access

 Our Water Officer, Terry Branston, has asked me to inform members that our gate at Kilworth is now open as normal.

Members should now cease to use the Main Gate which acted as a temporary access.

Many thanks to all members for their co-operation whilst the works were taking place.


Close Season

 As most will already know we are now in the River Fishing Close Season. We only have one river venue on our books at present, the River Soar at Flash Farm. However this is not the only venue affected. Any River venues on the AMAL Book which you will have received with your Broome Membership Book are also closed for fishing.

The River's are closed for fishing until 16th June 2018.


Away Day at Shearsby

 Shearsby Fisheries, formally known as CJs, was the chosen venue for last weeks Away Day match. It was very hard fishing on what is usually a very productive, Willow lake. Because of the weather many of the pegs were a bit of a muddy quagmire.

Den Porter came out on top of the twelve starters with 22lb from peg 26, and just 11lb 11oz was enough for Mike Tyrer to secure the runner-up spot from peg 22. Keith Macfarlane coming in third from peg 10 with 10lb 2oz.

Section 1 was taken by Paul Cooke with 7lb from peg 4 Steve Roberts winning Section 2 from peg 16 with 8lb 14oz.


Away Day at Peatling Lake "A"

 There were ten anglers who turned up for the latest Broome Away day last Sunday. Lake "A", or Boat lake, was the venue on a cold winters morning. Paul Edwards continued his recent good form with anther win. Drawn on fancied peg 28 Paul put 37lb 2oz on the scales to take the top prize.

Match Secretary Keith Macfarlane took the runner-up spot. Drawing on peg 6, Keith netted a total of 22lb 6oz to end his poor run with a welcome second place.

Den Porter took Section 1 with 11lb 10oz from peg 10, with Geoff Harper, on peg 35, winning Section 2 with 20lb 5oz.


Temporary Access at Kilworth

Terry Branston has asked me to inform all members that due to contract work at Kilworth Sticks Fishery our access gate cannot be used. It has been locked by the Farmer.

As a temporary measure could all members wishing to fish at Kilworth please use the main entrance. Drive between the buildings and the weigh-bridge. DO NOT DRIVE OVER THE WEIGH-BRIDGE. The Broome A.S. padlock is on the double gate at the end of the works carpark.

The same number and rules apply, the gate MUST be locked after you have entered or exited.

We will inform Members, on the website, once the works have been completed.

Many thanks for your co-operation.


Carp in Smiggies

We would like members to know that 30, 3lb carp have been stocked in Smiggies Lake. This has been done to try to help the water get a bit more natural colour and to, hopefully stir the Silver fish up a bit and get them feeding. Also the carp will eat the Crayfish eggs, and help to keep the numbers lower. We have only stocked the 30 as we want to see how things progress.

They are there for anglers to fish for but they must be returned to Smiggies. Please don't think that these fish have escaped from another lake or been put in by someone breaking club rules. They are there intentionally.


Can You Help??

We have been contacted by angler who lives in the Saffron lane area of Leicester. He would like to join the club but is unable to drive so he is looking to find a club member who would be willing to pick him up on a regular basis and to share petrol costs.

So if you would like to help this fellow angler and could do with a bit of help with sharing costs then please email me,

or Membership Secretary, Malcolm Shooter,

and either of us will put you in touch.


Away Day at Peatling

 Another Away Day Match was arranged on two lakes at Peatling Parva fishery last Sunday (11/2/18). Lake "C" and Lake "D".

It was another bitterly cold day with a strong wind, but there were still some good weights of fish caught. Mark Akiens won Lake "C" with an impressive 87lb 10oz from peg 11. The weights did drop a little after Marks catch with Paul Cooke claiming the runner-up spot with 38lb 15oz from peg 14. Pete Heane coming in third with 15lb 9oz.

Lake "D" did, overall, fish slightly better although not all of the pegs produced. Gavin Norton lead the way with a great catch of 71lb from peg 17. Opposite Gav, on peg 6, was Den Porter who wasn't too far behind with 63lb 7oz. Steve Beckhurst weighed in with 48lb 1oz for third place from peg 22.


Away Day at Shearsby

 An Away Day Match was arranged at "Mallard lake" (28/1/18), part of the Shearsby complex. There were nine starters and it was a game of two halves, with anglers at one end of the lake having a field day whilst those at the other end could not get a bite!!

Mark Akiens was top rod on the day with an impressive 151lb 13oz from peg 6. Mark more than doubled second placed Den Porter, who himself had a great day weighing in with 63lb 3oz. Kev Hirons was just behind Den putting 59lb 7oz on the scales from peg 4. The other good weight came from Simon Blackwell who was just a pound behind Kev with 58lb 7oz from peg 5.

The other half of the lake presented a rather different result!!! Keith Macfarlane catching one bream from peg 1 whilst pegs 2,7,8 and 9 did not weigh in.


Away Day at Peatling Lake "B"

 Another Away Day Match was arranged for Peatling Parva Fishery on Lake "B". With sixteen starters it was just about the right number for the largest of the Peatling Lakes with everyone having a decent amount of room.

The fishing was quite tough for a lake with a good stock of fish, but winter fishing can be like that!! .

Mark Akiens came out on top, drawing on peg 10, Mark, like most others, had a pretty slow start but perseverance on the Long Pole paid off. With a steady run of decent sized Carp in the middle of the competition he put 33lb 8oz on the scales to claim 1st prize.

Best starter was Chris Shore who pulled out peg 29, close to the winning peg on the previous day. Chris, fishing on the tip was the first to catch a Carp and he carried on in a similar vein throughout. In fact most thought that he would win the day. But with 29lb 3oz Chris was just a little short of Mark and had to settle for the runner-up spot.

Three big Carp on the Pole was enough for Pete Heane to nip into the last frame spot with 22lb 5oz from peg 7. Again it was a waiting game as the fish were definitely not in a feeding mood.

Phil Dayman took Section 1 with 12lb 11oz from peg 16. Section 2 going to Keith Macfarlane netting 11lb from peg 23. Mike Tyrer on peg 33 taking Section 3 with 20lb 4oz.


Away Day at Peatling 

 New years eve saw ten members starting off the celebrations by having an away day match at Peatling Parva's "D" Lake. With the lake looking quite clear, but the weather pretty decent it was difficult to know what to expect.

As it turned out the fishing was fairly good for the time of year. Vinnie Logie didn't really fancy his peg 22 draw so he decided to just set up the Pole and see how it went. Fishing with soft 4mm pellet over a bed of micro pellets, Vinnie had a slowish start but kept plugging away, and in the last hour was catching a fish every put in. Taking 56lb 4oz to the scales was enough to claim first prize.

Den Porter had the opposite experience. Catching well on the feeder toward the island on peg 4 at the start; it was the last hour that cost him. Catching just a couple of fish in that last hour Den had to settle for the runner-up spot with 43lb 8oz.

Section 1 went to Malc Spring with 25lb 10oz from peg 6. With Steve Beckhurst netting 38lb 2oz to win Section 2 from peg 27.


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