Broome Angling




Broome A.S. Committee/Bailiffs


Who's Who on your Committee

Any Committee member, listed below, with a Blue hypertext link can be contacted by email, just click on the name and an email page will open.


    Alan Smith         Andrew Taylor      Malcolm Shooter        Mick Winn             Vacancy

  Alan Smith      Andrew Taylor      Malcolm Shooter     Mick Winn     Graham North

President/Secretary     Assist Secretary      Membership Sec.          Treasurer               Minute Sec.


     Brian Toon         Terry Branston         John Frankland      Gino Flaviani      Steve Beckhurst

   Brian Toon       Terry Branston        John Frankland     Gino Flaviani       Steve Beckhurst

     Water Officer          Water Officer         Deputy Head Bailiff       Head Bailiff            Webmaster


 Keith Macfarlane        Paul Edwards        Kevin Hirons           Ted Whiter           Graham North

   Keith Macfarlane       Paul Edwards     Kevin Hirons       Ted Whiter       Graham North

   Match Secretary     Assist Match Sec      Juniors Sec/AMAL     Assist Juniors Sec.      Club Solicitor 



Please don't get frustrated if you get asked, more than once, by one of our Bailiffs to show your Membership Book and/or Rod License. They are all volunteers doing a important job for the club in trying to help protect your waters.

Anyone wishing to become a Bailiff please contact Gino Flaviani (Gino's telephone number is in your membership book).

Our Official Club Bailiffs

Our Head and Deputy Head bailiffs are as above on the committee page

In alphabetical Order:

  • Ken Barrow
  • Steve Beckhurst
  • Paul Birk
  • Terry Branston
  • Paul Cooke
  • Paul Edwards 
  • Kevin Hirons
  • Graham Johnson
  • Keith Macfarlane
  • Geoff Painter
  • Malcolm Shooter
  • Chris Shore
  • Alan Smith
  • Brian Toon
  • Ian Watson
  • Andrew Weeks 
  • Ted Whiter