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Rothley River and Lakes

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An aerial view of the waters at Rothley. Lake 1 is the lake with the small island in the centre and Lake 2 is the L shaped lake. Access is gained from the old Loughborough Road (not the A6 Duel carriageway). Turn off at the track on the right hand side of the Loughborough Road (heading in the direction from Rothley to Mountsorrel). Go through the padlocked gate (combination number is the same as Frisby) and follow the track down to the next gate. This gate is also padlocked (same number). Parking is anywhere in the field, so as not to cause any obstruction to any other vehicle.

Broome members can fish the river pegs from the upsteam fence in the car park, downstream past the residential boats to the next fence (about 18 pegs).

To access the lakes, walk down the towpath from the car park until you reach a white gate marked Private. Go through this gate and this will lead you to the lakes.

It is very important to ensure that all gates are closed and locked behind you, and please respect the privacy of the residential boat owners



 Rothley Lake 1
 Rothley Lake 2
 Rothley River Soar