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Meadow Lane


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First of all, thanks to Michael Mottram for sending in these pictures of Meadow Lane Lake, Syston. I think that many will agree that Meadow Lane Lake is one of our most picturesque lakes, and Michaels pictures seem to bear that out. This was the first lake to be purchased by Broome, and it has recently undergone vast improvements to many of the swims making them ideal for any disabled anglers. The Lake is quite deep with a sunken Island in the middle, and can be best fished using Pole, Waggler or Ledgering tactics.

Please remember if fishing this Lake you MUST close and LOCK the gate at ALL TIMES. Even if you are leaving and others are still fishing, please do not leave the gate open for someone else to lock.

This is to protect your fish stocks and to prevent non members from poaching your waters







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